The Miss America Organization Board of Directors Announces Transition To New Board Chair and Vice Chair Gretchen Carlson To Remain As Advisor to the Board (2024)

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The Miss America Organization Board of Directors
Announces Transition To New Board Chair and Vice Chair
Gretchen Carlson To Remain As Advisor to the Board

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June 5, 2019

Having worked to put in place proper governance procedures, institute changes to advance the relevancy of the program for a new generation, and assist in securing Miss America’s return home to NBC Universal, the Miss America Organization (MAO) Board announced today that Board Chair Gretchen Carlson is passing the gavel to former South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs as Chair and attorney Brenda Keith as Vice Chair.

“When I was asked to take this volunteer position over a year ago, I dedicated myself to helping the organization build on its history while working to secure its future and am extremely proud of the work we have collectively done.” said Carlson. “With a promising network partnership, the time is ideal to give new leadership the opportunity to move forward with what has been accomplished. Although I will not be a board member, at the request of the board, I’ve agreed to stay on as an advisor to the board to allow this work to continue. Miss America will always be a part of who I am and I will enthusiastically watch as the organization continues to grow and succeed.”

The Miss America Board of Directors thanked Carlson for her leadership, commitment and service while welcoming Krebs and Keith to their new roles. “Gretchen worked tirelessly as Chair of the MAO Board of Directors to stabilize the program. As a board we acknowledge the vast support, time, and resources Gretchen has personally poured into the program and sincerely thank her for her dedication and service. We also are thrilled that Shantel and Brenda have agreed to lend their valuable talent, experience and expertise to leading the board as we approach this great institution’s 100th anniversary.”

The board unanimously elected Krebs as incoming Chair after having served on the board since October, 2018. Most recently Krebs was South Dakota’s Secretary of State, and also held the esteemed positions of both State Senator and State Representative for a decade. Krebs comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has owned and operated her own retail and consulting businesses in her home state. Before politics, she also had a successful career in the healthcare industry and competed in the Miss America Competition as Miss South Dakota 1997.

“As a female legislator, statewide elected official and entrepreneur, I understand how important it is to empower the coming generations of women to seek out how they can have a positive impact on our society by stepping up to the plate,” said Krebs. “I am excited to support MAO in the Chair role by helping to craft initiatives which will serve to inspire and motivate young women across the country to lead by example. I’ve been volunteering with the Miss America program for over twenty years; everything from a local executive director to making sponsorship calls for the state board.”

The board also unanimously elected Brenda Keith as Vice Chair. Before joining the MAO board, she served as the Executive Director of the Miss New Hampshire Organization. She serves as Chair of the State Licensing Committee, is an essential liaison between the board and the MAO state executive directors and has brought her decades of vast experience in volunteering within the organization to the national level.

Additional MAO board officers are Barbara Moore, Treasurer and Kathleen Neville, Secretary. Regina Hopper continues to volunteer as President and CEO. MAO board members and officers serve the organization as volunteers.

About the Miss America Organization

The Miss America Organization, a 501(c) (4), is one of the most recognizable household names in America working to empower young women through education and service. The Miss America Organization is comprised of 51 licensed state organizations, including all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Miss America candidates contribute tens of thousands of community service hours annually and have raised more than $17 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Miss America scholarships since 2007. The Miss America Foundation, a 501(c) (3), provides academic, community service, and other scholarships to young women.

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The Miss America Organization Board of Directors Announces Transition To New Board Chair and Vice Chair Gretchen Carlson To Remain As Advisor to the Board (2024)


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